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MS are able to offer a range of cooling equipment designed to meet the needs of the small Funeral Director to the more demanding requirements of a busy Hospital mortuary.  Select from a range of our compact standard cabinets or make best use of the available space with a cold room, curtained area or just a chilled room.

Our energy efficient and economic cooling systems are available in several versions offering reliability and longevity. With an endless choice of finish, tray size, door size, roller type  we are confident we can offer a solution for any situation.

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Curtain Cooler
Curtain Cooler

Refrigerated Cabinets
Refrigerated Mortuary Cabinet
Air Conditioning
Air Con

Cold Rooms
Cold Rooms

  • Designed with flexibility in mind a curtained area can provide a viable and useful alternate to an insulated  cabinet.

    The MS approach is to employ a partly insulated structure with  a high performance thermal curtain to close the point of access, which can be the end or side walls.  The lightweight, hardwearing, easy clean, sectional curtains are weighted to fit neatly to the floor and locked together with Velcro.

    Easy to build and allowing best use of space the structure can be readily complemented with a rigid or mobile  racking system using an existing stacking trolley.  Can be built to any size, with an easy build suitable for a competent DiY’er. Useful for dividing a room but equally at home for storage of beds, coffins or trays.

  • With a design based on a modular principle the MS range of Mortuary Cabinets are available in END, SIDE or MULTI  door format and can be adapted to match any particularly configuration or site constraint.
    Our panels are uniquely finished in a ‘silver ion’ anti bacterial durable powder coated paint providing reassurance and protection against cross contamination. The precise manufacture process enables a sealant free construction, with all round fasteners ensuring tight joints.

    Doors are fitted with pvc magnetic gaskets and easy use door handles. With various door openings to suit the size of tray and with doors hinged either side the insulated structure can be built to fit the space available.

    Complete with a cooling unit to provide a fully functional cold storage facility and  fitted with stainless racking, a choice of roller type and up to 4 or 5 tier storage is possible.


    • Side Loading

    • End Loading

    • Multi Door

  • For those seeking to simply chill a room then MS offer a design and install service to provide  either ‘comfort cooling’ or ‘chill cooling’.

    Comfort Cooling offers an air conditioned system suitable for personnel use and occupied areas such as offices, etc.

    Chill Cooling is capable of chilling the room and its contents.  Rather than trying to reach conventional refrigeration temperatures which can lead to problems with damp, mould and issues with the building fabric. Chill cooling systems are ideal for use in applications such as a holding facility or coffin despatch areas


  • Built to almost any size  MS Cold rooms offer a useful and compact storage facility when combined with multibay racking, but usually with a large footprint they are not always the most economic solution. The space in front  of the racking  often allows overnight storage relieving the pressure to prep overnight cases.